The European voice of the adhesive and sealant industry.


FEICA is a multinational association representing the European adhesive and sealant industry. 

With the support of its national associations and several direct company members and affiliated members, FEICA coordinates, represents and advocates the common interests of our industry throughout Europe. 

In this regard, FEICA aims to establish a constructive dialogue with legislators in order to act as a reliable partner to resolve issues affecting the European adhesive and sealant industry.

Our industry is a success story that makes many everyday products possible, contributes to the economy, fosters sustainable development, encourages innovation and offers stimulating careers for people with a wide range of skills.

We have recently added an FAQ page to our website, which can help to quickly guide you to valuable information about our association and industry.

As an association, we are committed to continuous improvement in our efficiency and effectiveness, and to ensure a vigorous industry by:


  • Engaging with legislators and providing guidance to the industry on EU regulatory affairs and the safe use of our products.

  • Fostering sustainable development within the industry.

  • Providing advocacy and a platform for industry dialogue and knowledge sharing.



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THE 2020 & 2021 WEBINARS

High online attendance at FEICA's 2020 webinars

FEICA launched a series of webinars to demonstrate progress being made in our industry and highlight the road ahead. The webinars are open to FEICA members and anyone involved or interested in the industry.


The key objectives are to keep stakeholders informed on the industry's most pressing challenges.

4 June 2020 - 'A FEICA risk assessment for cyclic esters'

During this webinar, which was attended by more than 100 registrants, Matthias Frischmann, food chemist and Head of Corporate Analytics at Henkel in Düsseldorf, introduced the topic of cyclic esters, explained the risk assessment that was carried out, and considered the responsibilities of each actor in the supply chain of polyurethane (PU) and heat seal adhesives. Read the Press Release.

14 October 2020 - 'Adhesives and sealants, enablers of the EU Green Deal'

A total of 320 registrants joined this webinar, which reviewed how our industry supports the EU Green Deal. It also examined the status of and the potential challenges and opportunities provided by the various pieces of chemicals legislation that will uphold the Green Deal. The webinar finished with a thought-provoking panel session which included Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Ms Maria Spyraki and Mr Erwin Annys from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). See the Proceedings.


There are currently four webinars scheduled for 2021 on the following topics:

  • The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) review

  • Paper and packaging developments

  • REACH User Packages and Exposure Scenarios

  • A safe future for polyurethanes – Upcoming training and labelling

Please write to news@feica.eu should you wish to receive an invitation to the next FEICA webinars, which will take place in 2021.





FEICA Model Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

FEICA Model EPDs demonstrate the environmental credentials of adhesives and sealants in construction

Sustainable development is important to the construction industry, and, increasingly, architects and green procurement bodies are demanding products that meet international sustainability standards. Furthermore, the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 has included the requirement for 'sustainability', and Belgium and France have national legislation requiring Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for construction products with an environmental claim.

The 'FEICA Model Environmental Product Declarations (Model EPDs)' for the adhesive and sealant industry have expanded the range of products with Model EPDs. Therefore, the choice of adhesive and sealant products available to architects and green procurement bodies has also been significantly increased. The expansion of the range of products with Model EPDs gives SMEs improved access to a market that is otherwise available only to some and leads to significant cost and time savings for companies.


The Model EPDs are available to FEICA Direct Company Members, Affiliate Company Members and FEICA National Association Members. More information is available from the FEICA public website.

Please note that the validity of the FEICA Model EPDs has been extended by one year because of delays relating to COVID-19. The updated FEICA Model EPDs will now be released mid-2021.



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We hope to meet again at the FEICA 2021 Conference and EXPO in Warsaw, Poland, 15-17 September 2021